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JPC Talent Cultivation Program to Support Students

JPC Talent Cultivation Program
Municipal Gukeng Elementary and Middle School of Yunlin County held an award ceremony for the "JPC Talent Cultivation Program" on December 3rd. A total of six outstanding students were awarded this year for their excellent performances in track and field, baseball, badminton, music and literature.... < more >

JPC Talent Cultivation Program

Congratulations! The JPC Talent Cultivation Program Demonstrated Excellence.
Student from Class 702 of Gukeng Junior High School, Kai-Yi Hsiao, participated in the 2018 Music Competition of Yunlin County and won first place with her Sheng solo in middle school Group B.... < more >

"One Place" Reading Competition

Sponsored by the members of the "Yunlin Hall of Fame," Chair of JPC, Shu-Mei Chang, and Chair of Chenbro Micom, Mei-Chi Chen. The "One Place" reading competition was held at Yunlin Elementary School in Douliu City at 2:30 pm on May 23. County Mayor Chin-Yung Lee, Director of the Education Department, En-Chia Liang and Chair of JPC, Shu-Mei Chang, attended the awards ceremony to present awards to the children from the 5th to 6th grades in elementary schools as well as students from junior high schools, vocational high schools and senior high schools. 88 students in total were awarded. ... < more >
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