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CSR Declaration

CSR Declaration

CSR Declaration
JPC "does business that loves Taiwan.” This central concept informs our corporate social responsibility, which in our view involves working hard to build good employee care, outstanding performance and a happy enterprise. JPC supports social enterprises that participate in society with beautiful things and concepts to foster innovative thinking and social participation.
●Breeding a social enterprise
L'AMOFIREFLY Taiwanese flora, fashion design and manufacturing-–all Made in Taiwan with love and echoing the beauty of Taiwan. Just like the return of fireflies marks the gradual improvement of an ecological environment, we hope that our hard work will not only shine by itself but also put a spotlight on the potential of Taiwan. Our designs with a Taiwanese touch incorporate Taiwan's black bears, fireflies, leopard cats and marine life as main motifs on the fabrics. We work with Taiwanese fabric factories and local designers to convey the concept of loving the environment by creating things of beauty.
2. Very Mulan
Very Mulan is a social enterprise that supports women's dreams. Its role is to empower and bring together "modern female power” to encourage women to innovate, participate in society, exert their influence, make a positive difference, while also manifesting themselves with attitude and charm.
●Dance with the arts
1. Sponsored the XinXin Nanguan Ensemble’s Pumenpin Concert
2. Sponsored the annual performance of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
3. Sponsored the Me Image Dances educational outreach
●Public welfare and giving back
1. Since 1995, we have sponsored scholarships for low-Income students each semester at Yunlin University of Technology
2. Yunlin Daci Social Welfare Charity Foundation - established a kindergarten
3. Donations to the Taiwan Liver Foundation
4. Donations to the Taiwan Life Education Association

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