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Chairman Talks About CSR

Chairman Talks About CSR

Chairman Talks About CSR

Commitment to the Society. Light up Together with Taiwan through the Power of Beauty
I was born in the countryside of Yunlin. I ran around barefoot during my childhood. I still run around non-stop after I grew up. I ended up going around the world. JPC grew from a two-person company in a living room to an international company. People often say that, "See the world but root yourself in Taiwan." What is this root? To me, it is my everlasting feeling for Taiwan: the light of fireflies in the night and the frogs croaking during summer that I experienced in my childhood, the smile of my old father, the beauty and imperfection of Taiwan and other things. Now that JPC is growing in scale to take on corporate social responsibility, I am grateful and full of expectations. In addition to the transparency of financial reports, environmentally friendly processes, cultures that emphasize human rights and others, we also continuously devote resources to nurture good social enterprises in Taiwan. Taiwan's society is greatly influenced by the growth of social enterprises.

Strive for the Happiness of Our Partners. Make Basic Welfare and Life Better.
I always believe that "Only good individuals will contribute to a better JPC." Therefore, since the establishment of the company, regardless of the company’s size, we have been committed to employee care. We must have a robust basic welfare program. We also provide more "beautiful" nutrients in life and experiences through many innovative solutions. How do we define "beauty?" At JPC, we believe that it is a feeling of happiness and we implement that through the welfare of employees. Our welfare committee takes the CSR core values of JPC as its principles, creates activities with happiness and plans trips that can cultivate creativity. Benefits cannot be just daily routines, they must be something that we can all feel. JPC is willing to spend more time and exert more effort to nurture all work colleagues to become sensible people who can understand the meaning of "beauty" and make our society better.

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