Functional Committees
The Board of Directors of the Company, in order to fulfill its supervisory responsibilities, established the Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee in the years of the Republic of China 100 and 102 respectively. The Remuneration Committee mainly reviews the policies, systems, standards and structures of internal performance evaluation and remuneration. The Audit Committee mainly reviews the internal control system of the Company, matters involving the interests of the directors, major assets or derivatives transactions Major capital loans, endorsements or guarantees, offering, issuing or private placement of equity securities, appointment, dismissal or remuneration of certified public accountants, appointment and removal of financial, accounting or internal audit directors, annual and semi-annual financial reports, and other major matters prescribed by the company or the competent authority.
The Sustainable Development Committee was established on November 4, 2022, mainly to implement the work decisions and supervision related to the Company's promotion and strengthening of sustainable development and ESG's development direction, including risk assessment and response measures for environmental (E), social (S) and corporate governance (G) aspects, and to commit to environmental protection and social responsibility, so as to achieve corporate governance objectives and protect the rights and interests of the company, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

Members of the functional committee

Audit Committee
Title Name Convener
Independent Director Jing-Hua Ho V
Independent Director Shu-Ling Wang
Independent Director Li-Chih Lo
Independent Director Chih-Feng Lin

Compensation Committee
Title Name Convener
Independent Director Chih-Feng Lin V
Independent Director Shu-Ling Wang
Member Kuo-Ming Peng

Sustainable Development Committee
Title Name Convener
Chairperson Shu-Mei Chang V
Independent Director Shu-Ling Wang
Member Chun-Hsing He
Member Chih-Ping Cheng
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