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    In the new wave of industrial revolution, the Internet of Things and the most basic consumer products in the applications of industry, commerce, medical care, agriculture and Smart City, we can see a variety of innovative products. JPC has been actively investing in the research and development of IoT technologies since 2013. We have accumulated 6,000,000 shipments. To maintain our competitive advantages in the IoT products, we will replicate our successful manufacturing experience in providing a standardized and popular infrastructure as well as our years of experience in design, manufacturing and other services in order to help our clients quickly introduce their products to the market and meet a variety of needs in their verticals.
    In the smart home segment, we help brands and traditional electronic product suppliers to quickly connect to the two main Internet of Things systems, Apple HomeKit and Alexa Smart Home. Our services include development assessment of early-stage modules as well as application for product certification and manufacturing, so we can shorten the time needed to reach the market and quickly enter the ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

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