Waterproof Series

Waterproof-M23 Series (Plug Female)

Plug Female


1. Waterproof series connector
2. IP67 Waterproof
3. Connector: Plug Female


1. NO. of contacts: 6

2. Rated Voltage: 630V AC/DC

3. Current Voltage: 30A

4. Operation limit voltage (AC.V.rms): 630

5. Insulation resistance (MΩ MIN.) at DC 500V: 2000

6. Withstanding voltage (AC.V.rms) 1 minute: 2000

7. Contact resistance (mΩ MAX.) at DC 1A: 3

8. IP67

9. Operating temperature range: -20 deg. C to +80 deg. C

Application/ Target Market

Industrial automation
Automobile manufacturing
Machine tools
Semiconductor manufacturing
Factory automation machines
Vision systems
Communication Equipment


1. Shell Material: Material stability is not easy to deform.

2. Insulating Material: Fireproof, High temperature and pressure resistant.

3. Surface Treatment: High-tech surface with special matte finish, High-quality texture without reflection.

4. Conductor(PIN): Well contact and Low impedance, Low temperature, Flat PIN, Stable impedance, Not easy to deteriorate.

5. Cable Glands: Professional design and Tight fit, Waterproof.

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