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JPC connectivity(6197)

Established since 1992.
CEO:JC Chang
JPC Connectivity Co., Ltd. (6197-TW) is a professional technology manufacturer and innovator, specializing in the integrated design of electronic components. JPC is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with offices in Japan, the United States, China, Vietnam, and Thailand as well. Established in 1992, JPC Connectivity holds over three decades of rich professional experience in technology manufacturing and innovation.
At JPC, we pride ourselves on delivering unique, customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific technological and supply chain needs. Our integrative solutions apply to various consumer industries including 5G cloud network telecommunications, servers, industrial and automotive renewable energy, aerospace, electronic products, interconnections, high-end consumers, and many more. We offer competitive product performance, quality, and value. We respond quickly to customer order needs, shortening manufacturing and delivery times to provide the fastest possible service.
With the recent advancement of AI servers, the demand for high speed in the datacenter, networking, telecommunications, smart connections, and renewable energy industries has increased. This demand has become the driving force for our operational growth. We have made early arrangements for AI and cloud integration in our products, deepened our connections with AI's key supply chains, and prioritized new product development and introduction, in response to growth trends and profit opportunities.

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JPC connectivity is a robust interconnect business. We pride ourselves on being able to fulfill our customers' unique high-power demands. We partner with leaders to provide you with a wide range of high-performance, futureproof solutions.

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