JPC connectivity Connectivity continues to be one of the market leaders in high performance cables, connectors, and systems since 1992.
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Join JPC connectivity, let you grow and thrive in your career

Working at JPC connectivity, there are many interesting things waiting for you to explore besides majors. We encourage cross-job growth outside of professional fields, and you can have multiple growth opportunities in addition to work.

Work with great people

The JPC connectivity team each has unique skills, and the group learns and grows together.

Listen to voices and embrace differences

We value every voice and encourage discussion of different perspectives and ideas.

The Happiness of JPC connectivity

Better than the labor standard law and the industry's welfare and salary system, excellent working environment, flexible working hours, let you choose to work in the most suitable state for you. Employee travel, art and parent-child activities enrich career life.

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Business philosophy

JPC connectivity based on "Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast!"
Focus on three aspects: 1. Product focus, 2. Management upgrade, 3. Digital transformation.
In addition to maintaining a stable cooperative relationship with customers, we are also actively exploring new areas and new business opportunities. In areas other than Taiwan, there are also the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe, China and other places, all of which have direct sales personnel, partners or agents to help expand global marketing.

Welfare system

Competitive Salary System

1. Employee bonus bonus.
2. Year-end bonus.

*Handle according to the company's revenue and performance appraisal.

Career Development Resources

1. Staff education scholarships.
2. E-Learning。
3. Encourage the development of secondary expertise.
4. Good promotion system.

Rich welfare measures

1. Flexible working hours: 1 hour of autonomous flexible time (indirect personnel).
2. Subsidy for machine/car parking expenses.
3. Multiple gift money: wedding gift money, birth gift money, birthday gift money, funeral condolence money.
4. Happy dinner: Monthly subsidy for birthday stars of the department.
5. Free medical examination: employee package health examination.
6. Welfare Committee: Three festivals of welfare, special stores, domestic and foreign travel for employees, family day, art appreciation, book donations (flexible and diverse activities are held every year according to the planning of the Welfare Committee).

Perfect physical and mental care

1. Sound labor insurance and health insurance systems, and regular monthly pension contributions.
2. Provide comprehensive comprehensive group insurance for employees, including accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, medical insurance, and occupational accident insurance.
3. Discounts for family members plus comprehensive group insurance services for employees.
4. Provide dormitory.
5. On-site medical services and occasional health lectures.
6. Encourage employees to participate in sports competitions/society activities.

Comfortable working environment

1. Unlimited coffee and provide energy supplements with seasonal fruits and snacks.
2. The library is rich in art and culture corridors.
3. Staff activity space: diverse rest area, open social area, billiard room.
4. Provide female physiological products and breastfeeding rooms to create a female-friendly workplace environment.

※Employee benefits vary by subsidiary/region, please inquire for details.

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