Waterproof M12 series connector product are available to meet Industry 4.0 automation control equipment. Can be used at Signal Transmission, Power, Sensor and Cable Connection.
IP67 Waterproof.


Electrical specifications
1. Withstanding voltage (AC.V.rms) 1 minute: 300
2. Insulation resistance (MΩ MIN.) at DC 500V: 100
3. IP67
4. Operating temperature range: -20 deg. C to +80 deg. C
5. Repeated mating: 1000 times

Application/ Target Market

Industrial & Waterproof series connectors product application are often preferred in Motors, Power, Electronics, Mechanical, Medical Equipment, MRT, Automobiles, Electric Vehicles, Communication Equipment, Military Applications, etc.


1. Waterproof M12 series connector
2. M12 series adapter cable

Product Feature
1. Shell Material: Material stability is not easy to deform.
2. Insulating Material: Fireproof, High temperature and pressure resistant.
3. Surface Treatment: High-tech surface with special matte finish, High-quality texture without reflection.
4. Conductor(PIN): Well contact and Low impedance, Low temperature, Flat PIN, Stable impedance, Not easy to deteriorate.
5. Cable Glands: Professional design and Tight fit, Waterproof.
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