Wire-saving Terminal block Series

Wire-saving Terminal block Series DSSV26T-S


1. SCSI 26 Points 3M European type SV Terminal

2. Servo I/O Control and Wire-saving Module


1. 26 Points Input/Output and 2 ground (earth) points

2. Size: 84.4(L) x 55(W) mm
3. Connector Type: SCSI 26 Pin Connector x 1
4. Terminal Type: European type Terminal
5. Voltage Rating (V): DC 24V
6. Amperage Rating (A): 1A
7. Connectable all brand SCSI 26 points for one by one to DSSV26T-S-nM

Application/ Target Market

Industry 4.0 Automation Control Equipment, CC-link&EtherCAT PLC module, Positionning module, High-speed counter series, Servo motor, CPU module, Corresponding brands: Mitsubishi, OMRON, SIMENS, AB, KEYENCE, DELTA, Panasonic, KOYO, YASKAWA, YOKOGAWA, Sanyo, Fuji.

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